Amber Heard and James Franco’s Affair Apparently Confirmed Thanks To Video Surveillance

Its a footage of Heard and James Franco getting close to each other in an elevator.

During her testimony, Amber Heard spoke about Johnny’s alleged “hatred” for her co-star James Franco which led to arguments between the two.

Amber starred in two films alongside Franco, first in Pineapple Express and later in the crime drama The Adderall Diaries.

Heard claimed that Johnny repeatedly called her a “slut” in front of the security and assistants during an argument they had on a flight. Speaking about signing a film with Franco, she said, “[Depp] was mad at me for taking the job with James Franco. He hated, hated James Franco and was already accusing me of kind of secretly having a thing with him in my past since we had done Pineapple Express together”, via People.


She further claimed that Depp had arguments with her about the kind of scenes she would be filming with Franco. She then recalled an incident that happened on a flight when the couple was flying to Los Angeles for Johnny’s daughter Lily-Rose’s birthday.

Heard told the court that Depp asked her questions about doing a romantic scene with Franco, asking whether he “slipped a tongue” during the kissing scene. She also claimed that he was “saying really disgusting things about my body, about how I liked it, how I responded. Then he started straight up taunting me. ‘I know you liked it.’ He called me a ‘go-getter.'” 

Recalling the alleged assault that took place during this flight journey, Heard stated that Depp began throwing objects at her, like ice cubes and utensils when she tried not to engage with him. She further added that it was the first time an incident like this happened in front of someone. She also testified that she felt Depp’s boot on her back and claimed that he kicked her, causing her to fall to the floor.

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A video produced in court has now gone viral. Its a footage of her and James Franco getting close to each other in an elevator with Heard seen in only her nightsuit and barefeet. Is it a confirmation of Johnny’s suspects?


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