Jennifer Aniston Joked That She Handled The End Of ‘Friends’ With “Divorce” And “Therapy”

I was just like, 'You know what, guys? Let's make this a completely new chapter!"

During Ellen’s final Ellen episode, Jennifer Aniston was brought back to reminisce about her first time on the show — way back in 2003 and she claimed she started therapy after divorce from Brad Pitt.

When asked about how she handled the ending of Friends in 2004, Jennifer laughed and said, “Well, I got a divorce and went into therapy. Then I did a movie called The Break Up.”

“I just leaned into the end. I was just like, ‘You know what, guys? Let’s make this a completely new chapter. Let’s just end everything! And start new,” she added. “It worked great!”

Jennifer Aniston started therapy after divorce

Jen doesn’t typically talk about the divorce (nor does she need to) — but that didn’t stop Brad from poking fun at his failed relationships during his SAG Awards speech for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “[I played] a guy who gets high, takes his shirt off, and doesn’t get on with his wife. It was a big stretch,” he joked, as Jennifer sat in the audience.

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The Friends star also previously told Elle in January 2019 that her marriages to both Pitt and Justin Theroux, “have been very successful in [my] personal opinion.” She explained that, “when they came to an end, it was a choice that was made because we chose to be happy, and sometimes happiness doesn’t exist within that arrangement anymore.” While Aniston admitted that, “there were bumps, and not every moment felt fantastic, obviously,” she added, “At the end of it, this is our one life and I would not stay in a situation out of fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of not being able to survive. To stay in a marriage based on fear feels like you’re doing your one life a disservice. When the work has been put in and it doesn’t seem that there’s an option of it working, that’s okay. That’s not a failure. We have these clichés around all of this that need to be reworked and retooled, you know? Because it’s very narrow-minded thinking.”


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