Julia Fox Went Grocery Shopping in Her Underwear


With summer just around the corner, temperatures are rising in Los Angeles!

To beat the summer heat, Julia Fox has decided to go shopping in her underwear. Only slightly covering up the risqué look, she also wore a denim blazer and accessorized with more Alexander Wang pieces, including slouchy denim boots and a pair of faded jeans that had been converted into a shoulder bag. She further sported a pair of boxy black sunglasses and gold earrings.

Since her short-lived fling with Kanye West, Fox has been known for her sultry and avant-garde style. Whether it’s her affinity for exposed thong straps or her ability to DIY a Hanes tank top into an entire outfit, she isn’t afraid to experiment with clothes in the name of fashion.

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Speaking with The Cut this past February, the Uncut Gems star opened up about the pressures to conform to certain style norms and conventions in Hollywood.

“[Her publicity team was] like, ‘Oh, they’re a little too editorial,’ ’It’s too sexy. It’s too provocative. It’s too out there,'” the actress said, adding that her tune has now changed. “I was just like, ‘Okay, I guess I just have to be more Hollywood and more bland.’ But fuck that narrative if I want to pop out and wear crazy shit—which is what I want to wear,” she said.

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