Johnny Depp Just Apparently Called Out Daughter Lily-Rose For Her ‘Silence’ During The Trial

Lily-Rose has been silent during the trial between her father and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Lily-Rose Depp has been silent during the trial between her father and his ex-wife Amber Heard, and Johnny’s new art NFT line might reveal what he thinks about that silence.

Johnny revealed an NFT line in January 2022 called “Never Fear Truth.” The NFT line’s Instagram revealed several additions of the ‘Friends and Heroes’ NFTS on Johnny’s birthday on June 9, 2022.

According to the website, the first exhibition displays “people he has known well, and who have inspired him as a person. Each image is an intimate reflection of their character in Johnny’s eyes; a portrayal of how they have revealed themselves to him.”

One of them includes a painting of his daughter, Lily-Rose, 23, who he had with his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis. The painting has several words painted over Lily-Rose’s face. “Silence. Exile. Cunning,” one reads. Another read, “Words become feeble.” The former quote comes from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. Johnny has the same tattoo of the quote on his arm.

During the six-week defamation trial, Lily-Rose did not post on social media. The one exception was for her birthday on May 28, 2022, where she posted roses and a selfie of herself celebrating. Johnny’s fans called her out on the post. “I see not one photo of you with your dad. WHY?” one user commented. Another poster said, ” You post more of your t i t s more than your dad.”

In a since-deleted 2016 Instagram post with her father, The King star defended her father. “My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same.” Lily-Rose also has a 20-year-old brother Jack, who was not featured in an NFT.

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