Charlize Theron Debuts New Black Hairdo

Team blonde or team black?

Charlize Theron showed off a brand new jet-black hairdo at an event for her charity this weekend on the Universal Studios backlot.

The 46-year-old, who is known for her luxurious blonde locks, went for a daring alteration to her look this Saturday.

She welcomed a dazzling array of stars that evening to a fete for Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project, which aims to combat HIV and AIDS on the continent.

Charlize, who herself hails from South Africa, wore her hair in a mullet style to the glittering celebrity-strewn event.

The Oscar-winning actress opted for a simple business casual look that included a white blouse tucked into a high-waisted pair of blue jeans.

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Charlize’s guest list included none other than The Fast And The Furious franchise mainstay Jordana Brewster, who turned up the glamor factor at the event.

She slid her athletic frame into a sleek skintight sleeveless top with a futuristic print that matched her flared trousers.

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