Taylor Swift Breaks Down The Mystery At The End Of ‘All Too Well’ Film

Taylor Swift also surprised fans with a 10-minute version of “All Too Well"! Here's the video.

Taylor Swift surprised fans with a 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” she brought her words to life with All Too Well: The Short Film

The superstar gave some answers at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 11 for a screening and Q&A session about the short film. Taylor explained the ending of the short film and why we never saw the reaction to Dylan O’Brien’s Him in those final moments.

“I didn’t want us to see his face as he’s walking away because I wanted us to wonder, was he happy? Was he just seeing if she was okay? Was he about to walk in? Was he leaving thinking it’s time to leave well enough alone?” she revealed. “That I’ve put her through enough? We will always wonder. We will never know”.

Ten years after the breakup between Her and Him, played by Sadie Sink and Dylan, the Teen Wolf alum’s character shows up at a book reading for Sadie’s Her. He’s wearing the red scarf she left at his house all those years ago, and he watches from the outside as she reads an excerpt of her debut novel All Too Well, which is about their brief but passionate relationship. The relationship at the center of “All Too Well” has long been rumored to be about Taylor’s ex Jake Gyllenhaal.

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“The ending scene where he’s looking through a window, that’s for me where he becomes I think fully a protagonist because we can all relate to being on the outside, again, having regrets,” Taylor explained. The singer went on to say that Dylan was the perfect choice for the role of Him because he “has this electric charisma that this character needed to be able to get away with all the gaslighting.”

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