New Photos Seemingly Show Damage to Marilyn Monroe Dress Kim Kardashian Wore to the Met Gala

These images speak clearly.

The internet is once again spiraling over Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress, which Kim Kardashian controversially wore to the Met Gala in May.

Yesterday, @popcrave posted side-by-side photos of the dress before and after Kim wore it, which appear to show some stretched/ripped fabric and missing beads.

As Ripley’s noted in the caption of this video, their team made sure to be incredibly careful with the dress: “Great care was taken to preserve this piece of pop culture history. With input from garment conservationists, appraisers, and archivists, the garment’s condition was top priority. Believe It or Not! no alterations were to be made to the dress and Kim even changed into a replica after the red carpet!⁠”

Meanwhile Kim told Vogue that she was only in the dress for a few minutes, saying “I’m extremely respectful to the dress and what it means to American history. I would never want to sit in it or eat in it or have any risk of any damage to it, and I won’t be wearing the kind of body makeup I usually do. Everything had to be specifically timed and I had to practice walking up the stairs.”

Kardashian donned the $4.8m crystal-covered nude silk gown to walk down the red carpet at the event in early May. She accessorised the garment with a white fur stole as she was unable to do the zipper up at the back.

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During a fitting more than a month before the gala, Kardashian realised her assumption that the gown would slip on was optimistic. “When it didn’t fit me I wanted to cry because it can’t be altered at all,” she said.

She then undertook an extreme weight-loss regime to try and squeeze into the dress, which involved a vegetable-centric diet, lots of time on the treadmill and wearing a sauna suit twice a day. “It was such a challenge,” she said. “It was like a role, I was determined to fit it.”

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