Tom Hanks Tells Group to ‘Back the F***’ Off After Aggressive Fan Knocks Into Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks is coming to the defense of wife Rita Wilson.

Tom Hanks is coming to the defense of Rita Wilson.

In video footage shared Thursday by TMZ, the 65-year-old actor and his wife of 34 years are followed by a group of people as they head toward their car in New York City Wednesday night.

At one point, Wilson, 65, yells as she appears to trip slightly forward, after someone bumps into her from behind.

As the actress regains her footing and says, “Stop it,” Hanks turns around and puts his hands up to the group, saying loudly, “Back the f— off!”

“Knocking over my wife?” the two-time Oscar winner adds before turning around and getting into the car after Wilson.

Reps for the couple have not commented on the incident.

Wilson and Hanks recently celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary, and the actress had the perfect picture to capture their marital bliss all those years ago.

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“34th. 1988-2022. 💕☦️💕,” Wilson captioned the photograph from their 1988 wedding, taken on film.

In the shot, the couple holds hands as they walk towards the camera, their overjoyed smiles impossible to conceal.

She also shared the photo to her Instagram Story, set to the sounds of her song, “The Best Days of Our Lives.”

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