What Does Raquel Welch Look Like Today? Totally Unrecognizable

60s beauty icon Raquel Welch, 81, was seen getting a manicure last week at a Beverly Hills nail salon, and she's hardly recognizable.

60s beauty icon Raquel Welch, 81, was seen getting a manicure last week at Beverly Hills nail salon J&J Beauty Lounge, a favorite among locals.

Lowkey Welch, who rarely ventures out in public these days, was last photographed by DailyMail.com in September for the first time in two years.

For her outing last week, she wore glamorous gold hoop earrings and a white top with black pants as she patiently read magazines in the waiting area until her beautician was ready.

She walked in with a straw hat and then took it off to reveal the famous features that made her a 1960s and 70s superstar.

While Raquel’s film career began in the 1960s and continued well into the 2010s, the star hasn’t acted in any projects since 2017’s Date My Dad, where she played a character named Rosa, via IMDb. The star’s last public interview was in 2018, when she spoke to The Sunday Post about her life and career.

In her late 70s at the time, she explained that she still enjoyed the attention she received as a movie star. “It is nice to be noticed… I think it is much better than not being noticed!” she told The Post. “My whole career has been about being noticed, just like any other actor or actress, so I am grateful that people are still interested.”

One of Raquel’s breakout roles in the 1960s was the prehistoric adventure film One Millions Years B.C. where photos of the actress in a fur bikini made her into an international sensation! The image of her in the film became a popular poster.

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She explained that she still regularly gets requests for her to sign the iconic photo. “Almost every day I get copies of the photo sent to me for an autograph. I must have looked at that photo one million times,” she told The Post.


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