Ana De Armas Cuban Accent in Marilyn Monroe Biopic Defended By Marilyn’s Estate

Meaningful words.

Ana de Armas is getting trashed for her performance in an upcoming Netflix Marilyn Monroe movie because of her Cuban accent, but she’s getting critical support from Marilyn’s estate … and they say she hit the mark.

Nick Woodhouse, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Authentic Brands Group, which owns MM’s estate, claimed that “Ana has artfully captured the essence of Marilyn’s voice. Marilyn was known for her breathiness, which was actually a tactic taught to her by a speech therapist during her childhood to help her overcome a stutter.”

In other words, the estate thinks the accent is unimportant … her style of speaking is what people remember and captures the true Marilyn.

As we reported … lots of folks are griping about Ana’s accent after seeing the preview, with some haters saying it’s distracting and others wondering if Ana got anything out of 9 months of professional dialect.

Woodhouse goes on to say, “Marilyn has served as a muse and inspiration to fans of all genders, all ethnicities and all walks of life, and her influence will only continue. There are no rules when it comes to how an artist can pay homage to her legacy.”

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“Blonde” premieres Sept. 28 on Netflix, and accent aside … there’s no debating Ana is a dead ringer for Marilyn.

In the meantime, MM’s estate says Marilyn fans should wait until they see the film before passing judgment.

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