Britney Spears Is Reportedly Making a Revenge Album

A source tells the Globe Britney is back in the recording studio.

Britney Spears is reportedly making a “revenge album.”

A source tells the Globe Britney is back in the recording studio and is “working with several friends who she trusts, getting into a groove and developing her own new style.”

Britney hasn’t been against making music all this time. She’s been deeply scarred by how she was exploited to make money and only allowed to perform a certain way and with cheesy material her father approved.”

“She’s determined to show the world she’s more than this bubblegum pop act and, to that end, she’s writing about the torment she went through as well as spicing up lyrics to some of her hits that she knows are fan favorites.”

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This supposed insider says “Selena [Gomez] and Paris [Hilton] have been there with Britney every step of the way.”

“She believes her dad has been siphoning millions from her over the years,” the source added. “Britney will have her revenge and it’s fueled by her musical comeback.”

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