Brad Pitt Just Revealed What He Really Thinks About Sandra Bullock

'Good' list or 'bad' list?

Brad Pitt just opened up about his personal on-set experience with some of very well-known actors in Hollywood.

One star who is definitely on his ‘good’ list is Sandra Bullock.

Brad filmed a cameo for Sandra’s The Lost City and she plays Maria Beetle, the handler of trained killer Ladybug (Pitt), in his latest movie Bullet Train.

The Fight Club star said in a recent interview: ‘Sandy is an old friend. She’s a diehard person I could call for favors over the years and I have done many many times and she’s always there.

‘Her timing was great, she was a great person to have in my ear in a situation like what which is actually kind of intimate.’

‘It just worked out really well and she had her film and I got to do a little bit of hers. I think we’ll continue to do the same.’

Sandra Bullock has a career that reaches back to the 1980s. The beloved actress has done everything from big-budget action films like Speed and Demolition Man to award show darlings like The Blind Side and Gravity.

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Three months ago, Sandra Bullock announced her temporary retirement from acting in her bid to devote more time to her family.

During the SXSW Festival, where she was promoting her latest film The Lost City, the actress made clear that the time had come to take a break.

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