Jane Seymour Remembers Olivia Newton-John: “We Had a Very Special Bond”

Jane Seymour paid a heartfelt tribute to her close friend Olivia Newton-John, died yesterday at 73 due to breast cancer.

Jane Seymour just paid a very moving tribute to her longtime friend Olivia Newton-John, who died yesterday at age 73.

During her interview on the TODAY show, Jane remembered some of the most emotional moments lived with her dear and close friend. “What brings tears to my eyes is that she always cared about other people,” Seymour said when asked how she was doing following the news that Newton-John had died on Monday at the age of 73. “She always asked about me, asked about my family, about people I knew or we mutually knew who were going through cancer. She was just this positive light and amazing, amazing person.”

The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star went on to explain said the two originally met through Newton-John’s sister, Rona — who was patient of Seymour’s father and delivered the Grease star’s nephew, Emerson, over four decades ago.

“We had a lot of ups and downs with careers and husbands and children and life, we had a very special bond and it was pretty unique for me,” she said. “I don’t think I ever had a friend that really could understand or wanted to understand what that life was like. And I really miss her.”

“Well I was with my two sisters in England and she got the day wrong but she knew we traveled for 2-3 hours to get there,” said Seymour. “And she got out of bed, got dressed, came out on a walker — I mean, she really should not have gotten out of bed at all — and she just sat down with us for quite awhile and asked us,’ How are we? How was our lives? How could she help us?’

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Newton-John also took time to soak in her surroundings. “She just looked around said, ‘Isn’t it beautiful here?’ I said, ‘Yes it is.’ She said, ‘I just sit out here and I just look at the world. I mean, how beautiful? I look at the sky, listen to the hummingbirds, I look at that dog. Look at this life that we have. And us together after all these years.’ “

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