Margot Robbie Recalls Incredible Episode During Her First Sex Scene With Leonardo DiCaprio

There are certain situations when nerves take over...

There are certain situations when nerves take over a character and make filming difficult. Without a lot of reaction time, it’s all up to them.

Therefore, whatever method you use, it is valid in order to successfully finish filming the scene.

Margot Robbie appeared in an interview for The New York Times, recalling her nerves for a very specific scene, one of the first she shot.

Robbie was cast with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who carried a pretty impressive film CV and had proven experience. The film in question was, of course, The Wolf of Wall Street.

“I had three shots of tequila and then I took my clothes off and did the scene, and I was fine. It helped keep my hands from shaking and gave me a bit of confidence,” Robbie said.

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The scene featuring Robbie required her to play the character completely naked, just as she came into the world of acting. And although the directors gave her the option of filming in a dressing gown, she wanted to make it as natural as possible.

That courage and professionalism with which Robbie acted is what today positions her as a highly valued actress.


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