Gwyneth Paltrow Posts This Photo On Her Instagram But She Gets Bullied By Haters

Such mean words.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently posted a photo on Her Instagram that was flooded by negative comments.

Gwyneth appears to have moved away from her days as a Hollywood star. She often avoid any kind of makeup, saying that she like her face the way it is. And she proves it with many Instagram photos in which she looks completely natural.

But one of the latest was severly attacked by haters, who said her face looks ‘old’ and ‘unattractive’.

The former actress has not replied to those bad comments yet, but after all Gwyneth doesn’t need to pay attention to these non-sense statements. Haters gonna hate, and Gwyneth is perfectly conscious about how she looks.

Gwyneth Paltrow once feared she would have a “full meltdown” when she turned 50. Now, just weeks away from that landmark, the Goop founder says she feels “amazing”. “I wore the shortest skirt I’d worn in 10 years just the other day,” the Hollywood actress said in a new blog post on the Goop website.

Paltrow grew up playing sports, such as swimming and volleyball, but it wasn’t until she took up Ashtanga yoga (the basis of modern power yoga) at 25 that she started to really think about her health, she explained. “I was committed to it, went six days a week, and it transformed my body and my mind,” she said. “I started to understand that routines are important for me.”

Nearly 25 years later, Paltrow’s body reacts differently to working out, she shared. “Now, I’m at the age where I’m like, ‘Okay, the effort you put in now doesn’t necessarily yield the results it did 10 years ago, in terms of working out,'” she said. Still, she’s grateful for “the foundation” she’s built over the years.

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“My body knows what it’s doing and has some muscle memory, some strength, and some flexibility,” said Paltrow, who also works out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. “But it’s important to have some grace around the aging of your body, to be forgiving. Okay, well, maybe my skin or my muscle won’t bounce back here the way it used to, and that’s okay. You have to recalibrate.”

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