Here’s What Rachel Weisz Really Thinks Of ‘The Mummy’ Co-Star Brendan Fraser

It's been a long time since Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz were on 'The Mummy' set together...

It’s been a long time since Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz were on set together. But back when they were, it was pretty intense. Not only were they filming one of the biggest hits of the high ’90s, during the height of Brendan’s fame, but the working conditions were also pretty rough.

The crew actually traveled to Morocco for filming, spending some time in the Sahara desert to capture the dustiest and dryest of shots. From sandstorms to dehydration risks to not-so-mummified creepy crawlies, the set of ‘The Mummy’ was an intense place to be at the time.

Not only that, but Brendan Fraser’s hard-hitting stunts in the first couple of films are what led to him ducking out of acting for a while. And in the years since Rachel quit the franchise, and it ultimately wound down after her departure, it seems like Brendan and Rachel haven’t really kept in touch.

Which leads fans to wonder, what does Rachel really think of her former co-star?

Though there don’t seem to have been rumors about a love triangle of any sort on set, fans can’t help but wonder whether Rachel and Brendan were closer than just being castmates. As far as anyone could tell, Rachel was single at the time of filming…

And she did have some specific thoughts about Brendan at the time, which she revealed in a pretty relatable 2001 interview.

She did get pretty real, describing Brendan’s physical appearance as very adult film worthy. Clearly, she finds Brendan very attractive — or at least, she did about 20 years ago.

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She thought he was so hunky, she described him as being “massive,” “muscular,” and went on to describe his thighs. Not only was he great looking on film, explained Rachel, but the costumes were “really sexy,” she pointed out — though “jodphur-y trousers with big boots” don’t really sound that appealing to most.

It’s almost humorous the way Weisz described her co-star at the time, but the truth is that most people watching ‘The Mummy’ films could probably relate to the actress’ near-drooling over him.

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