Fit Model, 76, Shows Off Six-Year Transformation and Flaunts Ripped Body

"With a few simple lifestyle changes you can turn time into your friend, instead of your enemy."

A fit model has been applauded online for showing it’s possible to transform your life โ€“ even in your 70s.

Joan MacDonald has amazed social media for years as she’s racked up a following of 1.6m fans on Instagram.

She kick-started her fitness transformation at a later age โ€“ proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Now in a recent post to her millions of fans, the 76-year-old, from Australia, showed off her six-year transformation.

Her caption read: “70 vs 76! With a few simple lifestyle changes you can turn time into your friend, instead of your enemy.”

Joan added: “I’ve been getting so many amazing DMs lately with people saying my tips and tricks has changed their lives.

“When I get these messages it honestly makes it all worth while.”

Answering a couple of questions, the fitness fan admitted she eats protein with every meal and keeps meals balanced.

She added: “Don’t snack. It’s the fast track to eating Willy Nilly and just not getting enough of the right nutrients into your body.

“Eat balanced meals instead.”

Joan also urged people to move after she began tracking her steps with a goal of reaching 8,000 daily steps.

She continued: “Train with weights! You don’t even need to join a gym.

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“Just collect some essential pieces of gym equipment and train with me at home using my app!

“Manage your stress! So underrated in the hectic modern world.”


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