Gwyneth Paltrow Wore Her ‘Shortest Skirt in Ten Years’ As She Nears Her 50th Birthday

"You shouldn't stop wearing certain clothes as you get older"

Gwyneth Paltrow has declared that she’s going to keep showing off her legs after she turns 50 this month.

The actress, 49, admitted that there ‘shouldn’t be rules’ about when to stop wearing ‘certain clothes’ as she praised women who do not have cosmetic surgery in a lengthy blog post to her website, Goop.

Titled, ‘Is This What (Almost) 50 Looks Like?’ she wrote: ‘I don’t think there are rules around when you stop wearing certain kinds of clothes at a particular age.

‘I wore the shortest skirt I’d worn in ten years just the other day: it was this old Chanel dress I found in the basement, and it worked. People should wear what they feel good in.’

The Hollywood star also suggested that she wants to avoid going under the knife like so many Tinseltown big names.

Gwyneth added: ‘I love when you see women who have not touched their face at all, who are embracing every inch of their ageing.’

Elsewhere, the actress revealed she’s experienced anxieties surrounding her health and death, adding that she felt emotionally blocked before turning 45 where she she decided ‘f**k it’ and started crying and screaming.

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The mum-of-two, who shares children Apple, 18, and Moses, 16, with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and is on her second marriage to TV writer Brad Falchuk, 51, shared a lengthy post to her Goop site on Thursday.

Gwyneth also said she is now obsessed with getting blood work done and wonders if her late dad knew he was doomed to die in his 50s.

‘I actually feel great turning 50. I feel really lucky that I have my health (touch wood) and strength in my body.

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