Princess Charlotte, 7, Breaks Down Crying at Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

She breaks down in tears for her granny "Gan Gan".

Princess Charlotte broke down crying after her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service Monday.

The 7-year-old became emotional as the Queen’s coffin was moved from a gun carriage to a hearse.

She was comforted by her mother, Kate Middleton.

The UK’s Daily Star pointed out that Charlotte appeared to say “ow” around the time the photo was snapped, which could have been the result of a pinch by her brother Prince George. Queen Consort Camilla also whispered something to the children following the exchange.

While Charlotte and George, 9, joined their family at the late monarch’s emotional funeral, their 4-year-old brother Prince Louis did not attend due to his young age.

Upon their arrival earlier Monday, the siblings joined their father, Prince William, and walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey behind their parents.

George and Charlotte were solemn and impeccably behaved during the funeral, with the princess wearing a black dress and a diamond brooch in the shape of a horseshoe. The only daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales is said to share the Queen’s love of horses, and the brooch was reportedly a gift from her late great-grandmother.

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It was the first time the public has seen the royal youngsters since the Queen’s death on Sept. 8 at age 96.

Middleton, 40, revealed that Louis has been struggling to understand the sovereign’s death, telling Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley on Saturday that her youngest child had been “asking questions.”

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