Elizabeth Hurley STUNS in Revealing Sequined Dress As She Poses With Son

A real stunner!

Elizabeth Hurley may be one of the world’s most well-known faces, but if there’s one face she loves to see more than any other, it’s her son Damian’s.

The star shares a very close relationship with her son, with both also bonding over being part of the modeling industry thanks to their good looks.

A fan even pointed out the visible similarities in their appearances on social media, sharing a side-by-side of the two that showcased the uncanny resemblance.

In a throwback, Elizabeth sported a sequined dress with sheer panel running down the side, exposing some of her skin, although her youthful glow stole focus.

Damian’s was a more candid shot, mid-laughter while hugging a friend, and with their striking features, angled jaws, almond-shaped eyes, and wide smiles, the genes were clear as day.

Elizabeth, for her part, not only acknowledged the comparison, but cherished it, sharing the same on her own Instagram Stories with the word: “Sweet!!!”

The mother and son share a very comfortable and fun-loving dynamic, strengthened even more as they’ve spent some time apart due to work commitments.

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There’s no denying the special bond Damian shares with Elizabeth, often calling her his “twin” and “partner in crime.”

“I rather think I’ve simply been blessed with a child whose personality gels with mine,” the actress previously told The Telegraph.

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