Demi Rose Leaves Little To The Imagination in Teeny Thong and Nipple Covers

Whoa Demi!

Demi Rose Mawby has shared a clip of her best bits from Burning Man festival.

In the video, Demi can be seen prancing around in big budget outfits which barely cover her modesty at points as she enjoyed the festival with friends.

Demi certainly put on an incredible display as she danced around in teeny thongs and opted for braless looks during her festival stay.

The OnlyFans influencer uploaded a video to her Instagram on Friday (September 16) with a lengthy caption.

Demi wrote on Instagram: “Waking Dreams. A dream come true. I couldn’t have wished for a better Burn.

“I feel so blessed to have experienced such a beautiful concept that is Burning Man for my second time.

“From the people I met, to the challenges, the lessons, the art, the music, the love.

“I shall cherish every deep conversation with the new friends I met and the moments shared with my incredible existing friends.

“Each Burn is totally different from the last and the person you were too, even from the beginning of the week to the end.

“Everyone who decides to come is willing to expand themselves, into the unknown in many ways.

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“The vibes are high, the synchronicity is higher. There is no place quite like it.”

“I shed tears, danced, laughed, got lost, became clumsy and made memories for a lifetime.”

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