Girl Shows Off Her Hairy Chest, Saying She’s Not Ashamed to Show It Off

"Ladies come on, we have the power."

A lady has taken to social media to preach to netizens about body positivity. The young woman showed off her chest hair and announced her decision to embrace it despite being trolled.

According to her, the more a person accepts his/her body flaws, the less the person would get offended by what people say.

“I don’t know if y’all realise this but the more women chose to embrace themselves, their appearance, body hair and everything that is deemed a flaw, the less societal thoughts will have an impact on us and we will be free. We won’t be embarrassed to be ourselves. So ladies come on, we have the power.”

“I get the point you have the power because society does not tell you what you should do and how you should feel but please shave that babe it doesn’t look nice no be everything una go say “we have the power” you should shave that please, look feminine, you’re not a guy who keeps chest hairs. Some of these things that develop in men also develop in women because some women have a little higher production of androgen hormones than they should, which is supposed to be high in a man and little in a female, for example, moustache. So does that now mean women should now be carrying mustache and be looking like men just because the hairs come out over their lips lol.”

Hello_lucky_011 commented: “Feminism means having a choice. As you have chosen to not shave, other should have the freedom to shave and still have power.” Rejoice.johnson.12 wrote: “I have mine, and shaving ur chest or ur as a woman is not gud, I did mine and I almost died and they warned me never to do it again. Have decided to love myself dat one, I careless abt wht people say. My body my choice I’m unique in my own way. Proud of myself.”

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