Tiffiny Hall shows off her post-baby body transformation after welcoming her daughter

Incredible result!!

Tiffiny Hall has unveiled her post-baby body in a new Instagram post.

The celebrity trainer showed off her trim and taut figure as she donned a crop top and skin tight leggings.

The 38-year-old beamed in the photo, which she posted on Tuesday alongside a caption calling the outfit ‘Sleek, classy, and flattering’.

The outfit is one from her own clothing brand website.

It comes after Tiffiny showcased her transformation after welcoming daughter Vada in May.

The wife of comedian Ed Kavalee shared photos to Instagram highlighting her progress since early June.

The images show how much her body has changed after giving birth.

‘I’m halfway through the Bounce Forward challenge, what a milestone!’ Tiffiny began.

‘I’m slowly gaining back my fitness and strength and feeling more powerful every single day.’

The former Australian Gladiators star revealed she ‘threw out the scales’ and was instead using her activewear to measure her progress.

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‘I still wee myself a little when jumping but I’ll take all the small wins and non-scale victories (NSVs) I’ve already achieved and I’ll keep going,’ she added.

‘I’m so excited for the next six weeks of this journey. Bring it on! My goal is to be fit enough to film more TXO workouts in the new year!’

The fitness guru broke down in June as she struggled to accept her new body.

‘It’s not easy. I stand in front of my mirror, looking at my new body with my big bump, Vada’s house, and it’s really hard to accept that it’s going to take time,’ she said.

She admitted she was feeling ‘super emotional’ and accepts that ‘healing takes time’.

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