Helena Christensen Shows Off Nearly Every Inch of Her Body in This Never-Before-Seen Photoshoot

Helena's beauty.

Get ready for some of the most enchanting photos of Helena Christensen you’ve ever seen! On Nov 19, Christensen shared a series of never-before-seen photos from a never-published photoshoot that has left fans wanting more.

She posted the breathtaking snapshots with the caption, “This never-published story just resurFACEd 💫 Shot by photographer @jonathanglynnsmith for @thefacemagazine the story never made it to print due to Jonathan being in a motorcycle accident not long after the shoot (he thankfully recovered 🙏🏼). Thank you for sending me these ❤️.”

In the first throwback photo, we see Christensen giving her iconic smolder as she rocks a checkered bikini top, striped best, and matching slacks as she lets her beach waves flow, followed by a show-stopping and topless photo of her. We then get a hypnotizing photo of Christensen in an oversized black sweater, followed by another pic of her showing off her long legs in the same designer sweater.

Next, we see Christensen glowing from head to toe in this topless snapshot, showing nearly every inch of her body as she holds her beach waves. We then see Christensen rocking a knitted white bikini that shows off her toned body and killer curves. Then, she ends the post with a series of photos of her covering her chest in boho-inspired ensembles and the same yarn bikini that bring out her free-spirited nature.

These photos are beyond mystifying, and a true gift to end this weekend on!

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It’s no secret that Christensen is a huge body positivity advocate, known for embracing every curve. “Curves should be shown off when you feel like it,” she shared with Harper’s Bazaar. However, she’s “so grateful that social media wasn’t part of [her] job as a young model” because Instagram “can become like a vortex.”

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