Lindsay Lohan’s “Horrifying” New Pepsi Ad Has The Internet Divided Over One Questionable Combination

She then tops off her Pepsi with a pour of milk, calling it "naughty."

If you didn’t know, Lindsay Lohan’s been living her best life this year. Hot off the release of her Netflix holiday film, Falling for Christmas, she’s truly been slaying all of her press appearances. She even teased a Freaky Friday sequel!

But beyond LiLo’s well-deserved comeback, people might be even more obsessed with this bizarrely delightful holiday ad campaign she’s leading for Pepsi. Apparently, ’tis the season for Pepsi and milk. Or, as Lindsay says in the video, “Pilk!” And cookies.

In the ad, Lindsay pours a can of Pepsi into a glass in front of a roaring fireplace and says “nice” right to the camera. She then tops off the Pepsi with a healthy pour of milk, calling it “naughty.”

Oddly enough, there’s more to unpack here than you might think. For starters, yes, the Santa outfit is obviously a nod to the “Jingle Bell Rock” scene in Mean Girls — but this one’s giving less shiny pleather and more…shockingly expensive ad campaign.

There’s also a longer YouTube version where she literally says, “That is one dirty soda, Santa!”.

According to a press release from Pepsi, the ad is essentially just the kickoff to a holiday season contest where people can enter to win “cash” (the exact amount is unclear) by following Pepsi on social media and posting a photo of their “Pilk” with specific hashtags.

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People raced to the comments to make the one joke that everyone was apparently just dying to make.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Lindsay’s fans couldn’t help pointing out that perfectly positioned bottle of Pepsi she held when she was seen at a New York Knicks basketball game in early November. Whether it was actually a sign of her upcoming partnership with Pepsi, excellent sleuthing nonetheless!

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