The Nanny star Fran Drescher, 65, shows off her toned tummy in a bra top

Always a stunner!

Fran Drescher has proved that she still has a knockout figure at the age of 65.

The Nanny actress posed in a bra top that flashed her toned tummy, adding a skirt as she was photographed for Verywell Health’s digital cover story.

‘It ain’t over until you are,’ the raven haired actress – who is a cancer survivor – told the site. ‘There are always things you can work on and improve — especially regarding your health.’

The New York native has learned to watch her immune system by keeping her stress levels in check.

‘Part of aging well is learning how to manage your stress. You can’t stew in it,’ the actress said.

‘It’s important to recognize that stress affects many things relating to your health. I have to be mindful and say, “I can’t get this stressed, or I’ll get sick,”‘ she explained.

When she feels the stress coming on, she kicks back more.

‘When I’m noticing stress, I will force myself to lie down and decompress. Or, I’ll take a walk in the fresh air and appreciate the trees,’ she shared.

Partying is a thing of the past as she tries her best to stay healthy.

‘Aging well, for me, is about being at an optimal health,’ said Fran. 

‘Honoring your body. I always say that, honor your body. Listen to it.

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‘Don’t be in denial or dismissive of its very subtle whispers…it’s more subtle, but it is talking to you constantly, and it does have its own consciousness.

‘And you have to plug into that,’ she explained.

‘That takes a certain kind of discipline to listen to your body. Too often people deny what their body is trying to tell them.’

‘We all deserve a long, healthy life,’ Drescher added.

This comes after she was diagnosed with uterine cancer in year 2000.

At first she was misdiagnosed. But two years later she learned she had cancer.

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