At 57, Paulina Porizkova Shows Off Her Body In A Totally Confident, Topless Instagram Photo

Paulina, 57, shared a photo of her posing topless on the beach.

As the year comes to a close, everyone is feeling reflective, even supermodel Paulina Porizkova, who got busy sharing a throwback to a past vacation. Paulina, 57, shared a photo of her posing topless on the beach. She looks sun kissed and relaxed as she poses in her colorful bathing suit bottoms, with a well-placed arm over her breasts.

Paulina told her IG followers that the photo is from a vacation in St. Maarten four years ago. She and her friends were discussing their “real life superpowers,” Paulina explains.

“We didn’t get around to mine before I went and had a dip in the ocean, and when I came back, my two girlfriends were excited. ‘We nailed your superpower,’ they exclaimed. ‘You make other women feel beautiful,’” Paulina wrote in the caption.

Paulina said this comment shocked her because she’s often accused of just the opposite. “My image, I had been told, had been making women feel bad about themselves for decades,” she wrote. “But what my girlfriends were saying, was that my presence made them feel beautiful.”

Paulina continued to share how she often compliments those around her. “Every woman is beautiful in her own and unique way. Why not celebrate it?” Preach Paulina!

It is always refreshing to hear this honesty from Paulina, who has been a fashion icon and #fitspo before that was even a term. She is clearly very strong, both mentally and physically, and has given her followers lots of looks into her wellness routines.

In October, she took followers along for a bike ride in France, where she was vacationing with family.

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When she’s feeling like a little boost of play, Paulina hits the trampoline.

After experiencing some pain, Paulina has scaled back on her favorite workout—Pilates. But usually, she’s a big fan of the NOFAR Method.


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