Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez shows off her assets in Aspen

She put on a sartorial show in an array of outrageous curve-hugging, revealing outfits.

Jeff Bezos and his buxom girlfriend Lauren Sanchez descended on Colorado this week, and she put on a sartorial show in an array of outrageous curve-hugging, revealing outfits — looking like a prototype for the real trophy wives of Aspen.

Even on the slopes, Sanchez, 53, dared to bare, skiing in a jacket unzipped as low as the temperatures to showcase her ample cleavage.

“To borrow from the movie ‘Frozen,’ the cold never bothered her anyways,” on-air style and trend expert Brittney Levine quipped to The Post. “Some of us would have worn a turtleneck.”

Levine said Sanchez has all the hallmarks of classic arm candy.

“If you are going to be a trophy wife, you have to always find a way to accentuate your best assets and flaunt every curve. Obviously she is showcasing it all … and not leaving much to the imagination.” (Sanchez isn’t technically Bezos’ wife, but the two have reportedly been dating since 2018 when the 58-year-old Amazon tycoon was still married to his first wife, Mackenzie.)

One of Sanchez’s most attention-grabbing get-ups included white Chanel lace-up boots, neutral leggings, a tight off-white top that accentuated her supposedly surgically enhanced assets and a cowboy hat.

The mash-up of snow bunny and cowgirl is classic Aspen, where the monied set descends every winter in over-the-top garb to see, ski and be seen.

“Women are wearing cowboy hats, bellbottom flares and impractical snowboots with wedges or heels. It’s a uniform,” Levine said. “And if you don’t have them, you don’t fit in.”

Still, the former TV anchor has taken the aesthetic to a whole other level.

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“She isn’t afraid to go tighter, brighter and put it all out there,” said Levine.

A memorable nighttime look included black PVC leggings and a crop top, perfect for the snow.

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