Britney Spears Claps Back At Fans After They Request Welfare Check: You’ve Gone ‘Too Far’

Britney Spears called out her fans after she received a wellness check from police on Wednesday, January 25.

Britney Spears called out her fans after she received a wellness check from police on Wednesday, January 25. The popstar, 41, released a statement, sharing that fans didn’t get into her home, but she also explained that felt like the wellness check was an invasion of privacy. Britney implored her fans to allow her be more private in a tweet on Thursday, January 26.

The “Toxic” singer explained what had happened with the police at the start of her statement. “As everyone knows the police were called to my home based on some prank phone calls. I love and adore my fans but this time things went a little too far and my privacy was invaded. The police never entered my home and when they came to my gate they quickly realized there was no issue and left immediately,” she said.

Captain Cameron Henderson of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office explained to HollywoodLife that police received calls from fans after Britney deleted her Instagram, and sparked concern, but they didn’t think that the singer was in any immediate danger. “Out of an abundance of caution they provided a wellness check and did not believe she was in any kind of harm or danger,” he said in a statement.

While police didn’t think that Britney was in danger, the singer wrote that she was frustrated by the call and subsequent news coverage, and she asked fans to respect her boundaries. This felt like I was being gaslit and bullied once the incident made it to the news and being portrayed once again in a poor and unfair light by the media,” she wrote. “During this time in my life, I truly hope the public and my fans who I care so much about can respect my privacy moving forward. All the love, B.”

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Since being freed from her conservatorship in November 2021, there have been a few occasions when fans have been worried about Britney and have speculated about different aspects of her life, leading to different conspiracy theories. Fans theorized that the singer had passed away or was using a body double when she took a trip to Mexico back in December, but she debunked the rumors when she shared a selfie on her Instagram. Other fans have accused her husband Sam Asghari of “controlling” her, but he responded to the claims in an interview with TMZ. “I don’t even control what we have for dinner,” he said. “In the past, there has been a lot of stuff going on so I understand where they’re coming from, they’re just being protective.”

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