Nicole Kidman Goes Makeup Free For Intense Workout Session In Sydney: Photos

Nicole Kidman worked up a sweat under the Australian sun!

Nicole Kidman worked up a sweat under the Australian sun! The stunning 55-year-old actress was seen working out her arms in an outdoor gym in Sydney, Australia on Friday, Feb. 17. Her flawless, make-up-free skin glistened in the sunlight that got through the trees above. She appeared to be exercising alone and wore a fitted purple athletic tee and black workout capris. Her signature blonde hair was pulled back in a low ponytail.

Nicole has aged gracefully and stayed in shape over the years, which she has spoken about on several occasions. In an interview published on Friday, she revealed the secret behind her tight under-eye skin: a $40 eye serum that can be bought online.

“Seratopical adoring eye serum has helped my under-eye concealer look effortless and sits smoothly above the fine lines.

I’ve been using this brand altogether and I’ve had amazing changes in my skin, ” she told Prevention. “I am over 40 and live in a desert climate with lots of sun exposure playing sports and being active outside at least five days a week. This eye serum has helped my skin so much with no breakouts.”

However, the Bombshell actress also reminded fans that no skin serum is going to work overnight and that she has achieved such glowing skin by always taking care of her body’s largest organ. “Your skin should matter at any age. I started in my 20s and it’s helped my skin stay young looking and refreshed,” she noted. “Over the years I’ve added more oils and serums to my routine but my constant is a simple cleanser. Simplicity is key. I always say less is more when it comes to maintaining great, healthy skin.”

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The mother of four has taken care of her body over the years as well. “I run, ride my bike, do yoga, whatever I can do and wherever I am in the world,” she told the Los Angeles Times back in 2014. She also revealed exercise is a family activity in her household. “We try to exercise as a family, which makes it much easier to squeeze in among everything else and, of course, much more enjoyable,” she said.

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