Abbie Chatfield slams ‘toxic’ TikTok trend after extremely popular ‘glamour’ filter leaves her looking NOTHING like her real self

Abbie Chatfield has slammed one of TikTok's latest trends, hailing it as 'toxic' and 'harmful'.

Abbie Chatfield has slammed one of TikTok’s latest trends, hailing it as ‘toxic’ and ‘harmful’.

The Aussie reality TV star, 27, unleashed on the viral Bold Glamour beauty filter which has stirred up some controversy in recent days.

After having been used over 10 million times after being launched just this week, Abbie used the filter herself.

The effect lets the person look like a thick layer of makeup has been piled on the user’s face, and irons out any skin spots.

Meanwhile, the former Bachelor contestant warned the filter as being harmful, and her fans were on board with her viewpoint.

So she uploaded her version which went on to accumulate 192,000 views, altering her look and showing the contrast of when no edits were made.

‘If I wasn’t a full grown adult, this would rot my brain to be honest,’ her text read on top of the video.

She added in the caption alongside the video: ‘Like it’s funny but also this is so toxic’.

A variety of fans commented they didn’t recognise her with the filter on, and said they preferred when her look when it wasn’t used.

This trend wasn’t the first that she targeted this week.

She also hit out at the notorious dating show, There’s Something About Miriam as ‘disgusting and transphobic’.

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The British reality series, which was filmed in 2003, featured six men in their twenties who were trying to woo 21-year-old Mexican model Miriam Rivera.

The winner would not only win Miriam’s affection but a £10,000 prize and a cruise.

However, the ‘twist’ was that Miriam was transgender and none of the men knew until the final episode.

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