Celebs Who’ve Come In Contact With Ghosts And Lived To Tell The Tale

Keanu Reeves and his nanny saw a ghost appear in his room, while his sister was fast asleep next to them.

Vanessa Hudgens

The actress has admitted to having several run-ins with spiritual entities over the years. She said, “I’ve accepted the fact that I see things and I hear things.”

On an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Vanessa told Kelly about one of the first supernatural encounters she had when she was only 8 years old. “I remember getting ready for school when I was 8 years old, and there was…you know, those ducks [toys] that you pull [the string]? There was one of those on the dining room table, and I started walking, and it just started going alongside me,” she said. “I kind of shut it down for a while because it’s scary. The unknown is scary. But recently, I was like, ‘No, this is a gift and something that I have the ability to do, so I’m going to lean into it.'”

She also revealed that she sometimes uses a spirit box (a tool used by ghost hunters to analyze radio frequencies) to help her understand what the ghosts are saying.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves and his nanny saw a ghost appear in his room, while his sister was fast asleep next to them.

In 2014, he told Jimmy Kimmel, “I’m probably, like, 6, 7 years old, we’d come from Australia. Renata, [our] nanny, in the bedroom, my sister is asleep, she’s sitting over there, I’m hanging out. There was a doorway, and all of a sudden, this jacket comes waving through the doorway, this empty jacket — there’s no body, there’s no legs, it’s just there. And then, it disappears.”

He added, “I was a little kid, and I thought, ‘Okay, that’s interesting,’ and I looked over at the nanny, and she [was making this terrified face]. And I’m like, ‘Oh, wow, so that was real.'”

Megan Fox

Megan Fox and her kids’ nanny heard ghosts pouring coffee and setting the table while staying at a hotel in Mexico.

In 2014, she told MTV News, “I was just in Mexico at my hotel, and it was a bedroom, living room, bedroom. … I had pre-ordered breakfast for 7:30, and at 7 a.m., I hear them come in with the table, I hear them pouring the coffee. … 30 minutes later, at 7:30, I went in there, no table, no coffee, no food, no nothing, no one there. Doorbell rings, I open the door, it’s room service with my food. … Brandy, the nanny, comes out later and says, ‘Why did room service come at 7 when we told them to come at 7:30?’ So, you can’t tell me I’m crazy because two people heard it.”

Matthew McConaughey

The actor said that his home was haunted by an entity named Madame Bleu.

Back in 2009, he revealed the first time he saw her, saying, “I was not even under the influence, and she was there. She wasn’t that happy; it didn’t seem like she was going to be much fun to hang around or have in my house, so I went ahead and stood my ground. I opened the door and said, ‘You can move around all you want, but I’m not going anywhere.’ For weeks, everyone that came to the house said the same thing: ‘There’s someone down in that hall; there’s somebody down in that hall.'”

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter communicated with Princess Margaret, with the help of a medium, before playing her on The Crown.

Helena explained that she wanted the princess’s blessing before portraying her in the series. According to Helena, Princess Margaret said, “‘You’re better than the other actress’…that they were thinking of. They will not admit who it was. It was me and somebody else. That made me think maybe she is here because that is a classic Margaret thing to say. She was really good at complimenting you and putting you down at the same time.”

The ghost added, “‘Get the smoking right. I smoked in a very particular way…the cigarette holder was as much a weapon for expression as it was for smoking.'”

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