Selena Gomez: ‘I lied’ about not letting body-shaming affect me

Selena Gomez said that she “lied” about not being affected by negative comments from body-shamers.

Selena Gomez said that she “lied” about not being affected by negative comments from body-shamers, admitting that she would be in her room “crying” her “eyes out.”

“I lied. I would go online and I would post a picture and I would say, ‘It doesn’t matter. I’m not accepting what you’re saying,’” the actress, 30, said on the Apple TV+ docuseries “Dear…,” which was released Thursday.

Gomez — who has a track record of shutting down body-shamers — went on to say that despite portraying herself as impenetrable to the online trolls, she would still be in her room “crying” her “eyes out because no one deserves to hear those things.”

“I was posting these things saying it doesn’t bother me because I didn’t want it to bother other people who are experiencing the same thing,” Gomez, 30, continued, adding, “Getting shamed for what they look like, who they are, who they love, I just think it’s so unfair.

“I don’t think that anybody deserves less than.”

The “Only Murders in the Building” star — who was diagnosed with lupus in 2014 — shared that people online “couldn’t wait” to find a reason to bring her down, despite her chronic disease’s painful side effects.

“I was being shamed for gaining weight because of my lupus,” she said.

Gomez clapped back at body-shamers earlier this year following her appearance at the 2023 Golden Globes. At the time, the Disney Channel alum rocked a strapless Valentino gown alongside her 9-year-old sister, Gracie.

“I’m a little bit big right now because I enjoyed myself during the holidays,” Gomez said in an Instagram Live after the award show, adding, “But we don’t care,” as she and her sister burst into laughter.

The Rare Beauty founder had a similar experience in April 2022 when she hit back at her body-shaming critics, saying that being “skinny” wasn’t worth missing out on her favorite foods because “people bitch about [her weight] anyway.”

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“Bitch, I am perfect the way I am,” she added.

And last month, Gomez explained that her weight tends to fluctuate when she takes her lupus medication.

“When I’m taking it, I tend to hold a lot of water weight, and that happens very normally. When I’m off of it, I tend to kind of lose weight,” she shared in a TikTok video.

“I just wanted to say and encourage anyone out there who feels any sort of shame for exactly what they’re going through and no one knows the real story.

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