Jennifer Lopez Launches Lower-Calorie Alcohol Line Named After Her ‘Carefree, Fun Side’ (Exclusive)

Jennifer Lopez bottled up everything she loves and created a new cocktail brand.

Jennifer Lopez bottled up everything she loves and created a new cocktail brand.

On Tuesday, the musician, actress and businesswoman announced her venture into the alcohol business with Delola. Lopez, 53, spoke with PEOPLE about how the company aligns with her personal lifestyle and how it all came together.

“I think as I’ve kind of gotten to be less of a workaholic and enjoy life a little bit more…it was something that I really, really wanted to do,” says Lopez of Delola.

The three, ready-to-drink spritzes — which will hit stores, restaurants and bars in April — each contain a different spirit. The Bella Berry is made with vodka, the Paloma Rosa has tequila and the L’orange features an amaro base. The 750ml bottle retails for $23 and the 375ml is $12.

The name of the brand is one super fans may recognize — “Lola” is her nickname among close friends.

“I love to entertain. I love throwing parties at my house. I’m always the first one on the dance floor at all of the industry events and at times, on vacation, dancing on the table. That is kind of who Lola is,” says Lopez.

Delola means “from Lola” in Spanish, so “the way we came up with the name for Delola was really about being the carefree, fun side of who I am,” she adds.

The bottles are embossed with a design inspired by the Bronx crest (a nod to her New York hometown) and also lions — in honor of her and husband Ben Affleck’s zodiac signs.

“I’m a Leo. On the actual bottle, I put two lions — Ben and I are both Leos — like a male and a female lion,” says Lopez. “It’s very personalized, really authentic to me and what I love.”

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Because Lopez only enjoys the “occasional cocktail here and there,” nailing the flavor was key.

“I’m not a huge alcohol whatever-alcohol drinker, so it needed to be something that was really pleasant tasting,” she tells PEOPLE. “I loved the idea of creating something a little more healthy, a little bit more to my taste with kind of healthier ingredients and being gluten-free”.

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