Halle Berry, 56, shows off lace bra-top and major hair makeover in stunning new selfie

The Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry took to Twitter to show off her hair transformation.

The Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry took to Twitter to show off her hair transformation.

In the photo, the mother of two held her camera aloft to snap a pic of her reflection. She was completely makeup-free, showing off her natural beauty.

The star’s skin looked healthy and glowy, completely devoid of wrinkles or blemishes.

Halle wore a plunging lace top, revealing her cleavage and toned arms.

She added gold hoops to her look, and had a fresh natural manicure.

Most shockingly, Halle showed off a bold new hairstyle.

The TV and film actress had her naturally dark hair cropped short, with the back and sides remaining almost black in tone.

However, the front section of Halle’s hair was bleached a buttery blond, and was left longer than the rest.

The actress seemed to have just washed her new hairstyle, with the long strands in the front falling over her face while still slightly damp.

She captioned the beautiful photo: “Mirrors … the most honest friend out there.”

Last year, Halle Berry spoke about talking to her daughter about the mature scenes in Netflix hit Bruised.

She said that now-15-year-old Nahla was stunned when she saw the love scenes during an early screening, telling her superstar mom: “We need to have some conversations.”

Halle, who has made her directing debut with the sports drama, said: “So Nahla watches the love scene (with a man). She’s looking at me and she’s like, ‘Oh, whoa, Mom. Really? Wow!’

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“So then, my editor, who’s sitting next to me not really realizing my daughter is there, says, ‘Go to the second love scene, I want to see what that looks like’. Well, that’s a love scene with a woman.

“My daughter’s like, ‘Whoa, Mum, we need to have some conversations. You didn’t tell me’.

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