“Not a Great Talent”: Meghan Markle’s Career in Hollywood Is (Already) Over?

Meghan 's career is over (?)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s departure from senior royal duties has been a hot topic in the media for the past year. The couple has since been making headlines for their various business endeavors, including their recent podcast deal with Spotify.

However, industry experts have since weighed in on Meghan’s involvement in the deal, claiming that she is “not a great talent.”

According to a report by The Sun, music industry expert Mark Borkowski has shared his thoughts on Meghan’s involvement in the Spotify deal, stating that “Meghan is not a great talent and Harry is not a top influencer.”

Borkowski went on to add that the couple is competing in a “big pond” full of established personalities with large followings, making it difficult for them to stand out.

Furthermore, some have also criticized the couple’s decision to sign with Spotify, highlighting that the deal is largely driven by their celebrity status rather than their respective talents.

Many have argued that Meghan and Harry’s involvement in the podcast should be backed by genuine interest and expertise in the field, rather than their mere celebrity status.

However, despite the criticism, Meghan and Harry have remained firm in their conviction to pursue their new business ventures and prove their worth beyond their royal ties.

The couple has also been using their platform to raise awareness on various social issues, promoting charity work and speaking out on important causes such as mental health and racial justice.

In conclusion, Meghan and Harry’s Spotify deal may have received some criticism from experts in the industry, but the couple remains steadfast in their pursuit of building their own brands beyond the royal family.

Only time will tell if their ventures will be successful, but their commitment to using their platform for positive change is certainly commendable.

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