The type of (apparently) clean food to avoid: you could consume an extra 500 calories per day

Professor Tim Spector revealed a helpful tip.

Professor Tim Spector revealed a helpful tip on Michael Mosley’s Just One Thing podcast, providing relief to those trying to lose weight by suggesting a simple way to avoid consuming an additional 500 calories each day.

Professor Spector, a recognized authority in nutrition, was introduced as a “leading expert” by the esteemed diet guru.

During his explanation, he highlighted the influence of a specific food type on appetite stimulation, resulting in the consumption of an extra 500 calories per day.

As an epidemiologist from Kings College, he emphasizes the value of his top food recommendation: reducing or eliminating ultra-processed foods. According to Professor Spector, it’s not only the fat, sugar, and salt content of food that matter, but also the processing methods involved.

According to the nutrition expert, ultra-processed foods not only negatively impact gut health but also have detrimental effects on the waistline by increasing appetite. In a conversation with Michael, he highlighted the importance of realizing that these foods, apart from affecting gut health, have been shown in recent studies to boost appetite.

When comparing ultra-processed food to homemade meals, Professor Spector noted that consuming the same amount of calories in both cases could still result in consuming an additional 500 calories per day with the ultra-processed option.

“It’s worth noting that by eating meals with identical calorie content – one prepared at home and the other ultra-processed – both equally delicious, you will end up consuming an extra 500 calories a day with ultra-processed food,” emphasized Prof Spector.

Professor Spector warns that consuming ultra-processed foods can leave you feeling unwell, even if the packaging claims they are low in calories and fat. Shockingly, these types of foods make up 57 percent of the British diet, and this number rises to 70 percent for children.

To counteract the negative effects of ultra-processed foods, the nutrition expert suggests following his diet regime, which involves consuming 30 different plants every week. Explaining the benefits of this plant-heavy diet, Prof Spector states, “If you could incorporate 30 plants into your weekly meals, you would effectively solve 90 percent of your health concerns.”

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