Halle Berry, 56, Flaunts Toned Legs in Mirror Selfie, Rocking a High-Slit Gown

Halle Berry‘s high-slit fashion era is clearly in full swing. Back in March, the actress turned heads with her thigh-baring Oscars gown adorned with floral embellishments, and she continued to showcase her toned legs in a mini dress at the after-party.

This week, she took to Instagram once again to share another leg-baring style, donning a stunning silver high-slit dress in a mirror selfie. Berry playfully referred to the look as a “subtle Tuesday serve.”

Hall’s beauty

Similar to her Tamara Ralph Academy Awards ensemble, the dress featured a daring slit that accentuated her waist, and Berry struck a pose with a knee pop to highlight the detail. Complementing her outfit, she wore smokey makeup, tousled waves cascading down her shoulders, and strappy heels. Fans were captivated by the sultry moment, leaving comments like “Ow! 🔥❤️” and “BEAUTY AT ITS FINEST ✨🥂.”

It seems that Berry intentionally chooses outfits that showcase the results of her hard work at the gym, as she mentioned in a March 3 Instagram post that she was preparing for a physically challenging role unlike any she had done before. She even shared glimpses of her intense workouts, including weighted squats and kettlebell swings.

According to Deadline, Berry’s upcoming project, “Never Let Go,” is a horror film where she portrays a mother of twins haunted by an evil spirit, leading to a terrifying battle for survival. The film is currently in production.

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On days that aren’t focused on leg workouts, Berry’s trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, incorporates various exercises such as agility runs and ab circuits to keep the workouts exciting and challenging. Berry often shares her fitness journey and training sessions with Thomas on her “Fitness Friday” Instagram posts.

Watching her workouts is enough to exhaust anyone, but the hard work has undoubtedly paid off for Berry, as she continues to impress with her toned physique and stunning fashion choices.

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