Heidi Klum Stuns in a Dazzling Crystal See-Through Dress, Leaving Fans Awestruck

Each passing week on America’s Got Talent brings more shocking auditions, but Judge Heidi Klum never fails to astonish the audience with her fashion choices.

In June 2022, the German supermodel stepped out in Los Angeles, taking a daring couture risk that left everyone stunned. She donned a long-sleeve silver mini dress featuring a high neckline and an enchanting display of mirror-like crystals adorning the entire outfit. However, Heidi being her unique self, added her twist to the look.

Strategic cutouts were skillfully placed down the middle, on the right shoulder, and right hip of the dress, lending it an alluring touch. To hold the dress together creatively, a plethora of mini silver chains crisscrossed the exposed areas, adding a sexier appeal to the ensemble. Heidi accentuated the outfit with matching accessories, including heeled sandals with thin straps, numerous cocktail rings, and a silver metallic clutch shaped like an emerald-cut diamond.

Heidi Klum Stuns in a Dazzling Crystal See-Through Dress
Heidi Klum’s incredible dress. Credits: Getty Images

Her layered blonde hair cascaded in its signature straight style, while she completed the look with silver eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and a neutral lip color for makeup. When the Making the Cut host shared behind-the-scenes highlights on TikTok, fans couldn’t help but comment on the unexpected attire, showering her with compliments.

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Heidi Klum is undeniably a fashion icon, and her next week’s look, both on TV and social media, is sure to leave fans breathless once again.

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