Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Famous Breast With Transparent Bra

VERY revealing bra.

Emily Ratajkowski left almost nothing to the imagination while walking the runway at Tory Burch’s New York Fashion Week show on Tuesday. 

The 31-year-old model wore a sheer black long sleeve top to the event over an equally sheer bra. 

The top’s lack of opacity put Emily’s entire chest on display, covering almost nothing from view. 

She added an ankle-length skirt to the event which started out brown from her waist to the top of her thighs but finished in a vibrant orange color.

She walked in yellow flats and accessorized with huge earrings which resembled dreamcatchers.

The star walked in the middle of a huge group of models, all showing off Tory Burch’s hottest looks of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 looks.

Emily dressed down before the event in a white bathrobe while stylists applied makeup to her face and styled her hair.

Designer Tory Burch, 56, attended the event in a long sleeve purple blouse, buttoned all the way up.

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She added simple black trousers and brown loafers to the ensemble.

Her short blonde hair brushed the tops of her shoulder and fluttered slowly in the New York City breeze.

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