Madonna’s Beauty Secrets: How to Make 58 Look Like 30

58 have never looked so cool.

In the matter of aging well, Madonna is second to no one.

One of the greatest icons of our generation, able to sing and dance for hours and hours on stage and in rehearsal studio, Madonna’s beauty routine is not easy to follow, but it definitely works.

Here the essential tips!


1 – Sport, sport, sport.

Madonna has the energy of a volcano. The Daily Mail reports that Madonna works out at least three hours a day. She loves horseback riding, pilates, dancing, yoga, karate, swimming, weightlifting, running and cycling.


2 – Macrobiotic Diet.

In an interview with CNN’s Larry King she described her typical dinner as “fish, some kind of grains, some kind of cooked vegetable, and salad. Simple, but tasty.” And for dessert? Toast with strawberry jam!

Madonna Launches Her Signature Fragrance "Truth Or Dare" By Madonna

3 – Japanese Food.

Madonna’s love for Japanese food is well-known. She once told to some Japanese journalists that she has a personal Japanese chef in London that travels everywhere with her. “I probably eat more Japanese food than you do!”, she joked.


4 – Sleep!

One of the strongest secrets of Madonna’s beauty is her proper sleep. Never less than 8 hours per day!


5 – Natural skincare products.

Madonna uses natural beauty products. She uses blueberry facial cleanser and toning serums having amazing aroma. While choosing her skin care products, she makes sure that they have high antioxidant content.


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