Angelina Jolie Was Originally Cast in House of Gucci Instead of Lady Gaga

You would never imagine the actor who should have played Maurizio Gucci.

Much like her breakout performance as a struggling musician in A Star is Born, internationally renowned pop superstar Lady Gaga uncannily disappears into the role of Patrizia Reggiani in Scott’s latest opus, House of Gucci.

Gaga’s performance leans into the absurdity of a wife hiring hitmen to murder her husband, but also digs deep into the emotions that would drive a scorned spouse to do such a thing.

According to Vogue, although House of Gucci only hit theaters this fall, Scott began developing the movie way back in 2007 before Lady Gaga had even released her debut single “Just Dance.” At the time, Angelina Jolie was in talks to star as Patrizia.

When Scott was first attached as the director of House of Gucci, he refused to confirm Jolie’s casting. Leonardo DiCaprio was rumored to be in talks to play Maurizio Gucci, the role eventually filled by Adam Driver.


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